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DNA and RNA extraction kits

Extraction & Purification.

Magnetic beads can be used to obtain DNA and RNA in high yield and purity. The method is straightforward, extremely fast, and scales very easily.
Various functionalized beads and complete kits for the isolation of nucleic acids and proteins are available. Protocols for manual applications as well as automated workflows for high throughput are available.

Magnetize Your Workflow .

laboricon dna rna aufreinigung

DNA extraction

laboricon rna aufreinigung

RNA extraction

laboricon virus aufreinigung

Virus RNA Isolation

laboricon pcr aufreinigung

PCR purification

laboricon ngs library prep

NGS Library Prep

laboricon automatisierbar

Can be automated

laboricon easy to use


laboricon magnetic beads

Magnetic Beads

Magnetic beads for DNA and RNA purification .

Overview DNA and RNA Extraction .

laboricon dna rna aufreinigung negativ

Blood, saliva and swabs

DNA extraction from blood, saliva and swabs

laboricon pcr negativ

Tissue and cell culture

DNA extraction from cell culture and tissue

laboricon direktlyse ohne aufreinigung negativ


DNA extraction from plant tissue

laboricon probensammelsysteme negativ

Pathogen detection

DNA/RNA extraction of pathogens from different sample materials

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