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Steinbrenner Laborsysteme GmbH

In der Au 17, 69257 Wiesenbach

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Sustainability and resource conservation

Company philosophy .

Sustainability and efficient use of resources were the main motivation for founding the company in 1994. With several inventions and products, some of them patented, for saving packaging material for pipette tips, we were at that time one of the absolute pioneers worldwide in terms of waste avoidance in the laboratory sector.

This topic still determines our thoughts and actions today, and we do everything we can to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. We continuously invest to make our processes and products as sustainable as possible. With a photovoltaic system including battery storage, we have achieved a very high degree of self-sufficiency in power supply.

With ISO 14001 certification, we are now officially anchoring sustainable management as a fundamental company objective.

Sustainable print materials

Recycled paper & grass .

We use paper and cardboard from certified and responsible sources whenever possible. For printed matter, we consistently rely on recycled paper and green cardboard.

Verpackung qPCR 2
Packing from grass cardboard
Resource-saving shipping

& Environmental protection

The responsible use of resources is particularly important when it comes to logistics and shipping. That’s why we use shipping boxes made from 100% recycled paper and pack our refrigerated shipments in boxes with hemp as insulation material. For shipping, we rely on CO2-compensated shipping methods with GLS and DHL, in Heidelberg we deliver directly without additional packaging effort.
Resource-saving products

Innovative products .

Especially in the laboratory sector, awareness of waste avoidance and sustainability is growing more and more.

This is where we come in with our innovative product portfolio.

With our completely waste-free pipette tip refill system “TipTower,” we are among the absolute pioneers in terms of waste prevention in the laboratory sector.

Our new PCR/qPCR plates made from 50% plant-based plastic also help to save valuable resources for disposables.

Regenerative Elektrifizierung
Renewable energy sources

Energy .

We generate the majority of our electricity consumption ourselves via a photovoltaic system. We fill the remaining demand exclusively with certified green electricity.

Consistently, we have already largely converted our vehicle fleet to efficient electric drives.

Acting responsibly

Environmental Management .

Sustainability and responsible action are an essential part of our corporate philosophy. We continuously optimize our operations to save raw materials and energy and reduce our environmental footprint.

We are an ISO:14001 certified environmental management company.


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