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Ultra-fast Direct-PCR .

The primaDIRECT 2x PCR Master Mixes with specially developed DNA polymerases and finely adjusted buffer systems allow ultra-fast PCR amplifications and direct PCR without prior DNA purification from animal or plant sample material.

Hard Facts .

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Applications .

Our primaAMP polymerases are ideally suited for genotyping analyses of copy number variants or single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). The sample can be used directly in Direct-PCR DNA amplification without the need for DNA extraction.

In plant breeding, a fast and uncomplicated determination on the genetic profile of the plant is essential. The robust Direct-PCR Master Mix allows DNA amplification directly from sample material without prior DNA purification.

Direct-PCR from human samples to align microsatellite DNA sequence.

Easier handling of potentially pathogenic samples by skipping the DNA extraction step. Genetic material from viruses, bacteria and fungi can be amplified directly from the collected sample or lysate.

DNA amplification directly from sample material – whether from animal, plant or cell culture samples. The Ultra-fast Direct-PCR Master Mix is robust against a wide range of inhibitors and enables amplification reactions without time-consuming DNA extraction.

Difficult DNA templates with high GC content (>70%) pose a challenge to many polymerases. Our specially developed primaAMP DIRECT polymerase allows amplification of difficult DNA segments from inhibitor-rich samples.

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