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Selected products .

Our products are consistently sourced from reputable partners around the world. We have been working successfully with most of these manufacturers for many years or are their exclusive sales partner.

In addition, we manufacture many products ourselves and are happy to put our expertise in product development and special designs at your disposal. Just give us a call, we will help you!

Icon-Produktuebersicht__Direktlyse ohne Aufreinigung

DNA/RNA analysis without purification .

Our primaDIRECT reagents enable DNA and RNA analysis without time-consuming and costly extraction or concentration.

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DNA and RNA extraction .

For the purification and extraction of nucleic acids from a wide variety of sample material, the MagSi-DNA products from our partner Magtivio are the first choice.

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Laboratory equipment .

Pipettes, magnetic racks or bead dispensers.



With its 96 pipetting channels, the purely manual LIQUIDATOR96® is unbeatably fast when pipetting 96-well or 384-well plates. Thanks to its simple and intuitive operation, it can be used immediately in any laboratory without extensive training.

Icon-Produktuebersicht__Magnetic Beads

Magnetic Beads .

The Magnetic Beads from our partner Magtivio are true all-rounders in everyday biological and medical laboratory work. Functionalized surfaces make them flexible and versatile.


Sampling systems .

Only a good sample brings a good result. Here, quality is everything, which is why we only sell the intensively validated products of our Canadian partner DNA Genotek .


PCR - Polymerase Chain Reaction .

Our in-house developments of the primaAMP, primaPROOF and primaDIRECT product lines offer you excellent performance.


qPCR - Quantitative PCR .

Our primaQUANT qPCR Master Mixes and primaQUANT 1STEP RT-qPCR Master Mixes offer excellent performance for any application.

laboricon-reverse- transkription

Reverse transcription .

For the transcription of RNA into cDNA, our primaREVERSE product line offers you kits and “ready-to-use” master mixes for any application.


Special designs .

You just can’t find a suitable product “off the shelf”?

Are you looking for a partner to realize your own great idea?

Ask us!


Consumables .

We offer a selected range of consumables for everyday molecular biology.

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