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Stool samples for microbiome analyses .

The OMNIgene®-GUT Kits OM-200 and OMR-205 meet all requirements for best sample quality and a realistic microbiome profile: The sample collection itself is simple and clean, perfect for self-sampling by patients or study participants. The stool sample is immediately homogenized in the tube, and the preservation solution stabilizes nucleic acids very effectively. This genetic snapshot of the microbiota is preserved for a long time even without refrigeration during storage and transport.

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Perfect sample homogenization and stabilization is necessary to minimize biases of the gut microbiome. A wide variety of microbes can be reliably detected from the collected samples via downstream applications.

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16S rRNA analyses enable the detection, identification and characterization of the microorganisms of the gut microbiome.

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The human gut microbiome is increasingly becoming the focus of research. There is increasing evidence that the microbiome plays a crucial role in many physiological, pharmacokinetic and pathological processes.

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