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NGS and PCR cleanup .

Magnetic beads are very efficient for the purification of PCR products and size selection of amplicons in sequencing.

Our MagSi-NGSPREP Plus beads are comptible with most established NGS protocols, e.g. Ampure XP .

MagSi-DT Removal Beads remove dye terminators and unincorporated dyes from sequencing reactions – without centrifugation or filtration.

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Applications .

Library preparation is one of the most important steps in sample preparation for NGS reactions. MagSi NGS beads allow easy size selection by varying the bead : sample ratio.

The MagSi-NGSPREP Plus beads are also suitable for size selection of your PCR products (SPRI).

By varying the bead-to-sample ratio, you can select desired fragment sizes or remove unwanted fragment sizes.

With MagSi-NGSPREP Plus Beads you can remove enzymes, primers, oligonucleotides, as well as polymerases and salts easily and quickly from your PCR product.

Removal of unincorporated dyes and salts after sequencing reactions with our MagSi-DT Removal Beads.

With an adapted protocol, MagSi-NGSPREP Plus beads can also be used to enrich RNA to improve the sensitivity and specificity of reverse transcription and qPCR analysis.

Simon, B., Pichon, M., Valette, M., Burfin, G., Richard, M., Lina, B., & Josset, L. (2019). Whole Genome Sequencing of A(H3N2) Influenza Viruses Reveals Variants Associated with Severity during the 2016-2017 Season. Viruses, 11(2), 108.

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