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More products for sampling .

DNA Genotek offers several additional accessories to simplify the collection and transport of patient samples. With the prepIT reagent DNA can be extracted from samples in high yield and purity.

Specimen collection accessories .

Sampling made easy – with the accessories for OMNIgene and ORAgene products.

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Toilet accessories for use with OMNIgene-GUT

A simple, easy to use and shippable toilet accessory for the stool collection at home.

The OM-AC1 toilet accessory combines perfectly with OMNIgene-GUT to facilitate the collection of stool specimens.

The OM-AC1 toilet accessory provides a simple, easy-to-use, and efficient method of collecting fecal samples at home. Each OM-AC1 package contains two toilet accessories packed in a plastic envelope. The additional toilet accessories are supplied as a reserve. After use, the accessories can be rinsed or disposed of in the trash. The OM-AC1 toilet accessory can be ordered with OMNIgene-Gut to provide a complete, ready-to-ship solution for gut microbiome samples.


Spoon accessories for use with OMNIgene-GUT

The OM-AC2 is a liquid fecal sample collection accessory for use with the OMNIgene-GUT.

It is difficult for donors with severe diarrhea to collect stool samples themselves, which may result in lower response rates and lower study representation among donors with this type of stool sample. To address this challenge, DNA Genotek, in collaboration with Crohn’s and Colitis Canada, has developed the OM-AC2 spoon accessory for collecting liquid stool specimens (Bristol Type 7) for use with OMNIgene-GUT. Patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) rated it as a simple and intuitive method for sample collection. Combined with OMNIgene-GUT, the OM-AC2 provides an easy-to-use collection method for donors with severe diarrhea and supplies researchers studying these populations with the high quality samples they can expect from OMNIgene-GUT.


OMNIgene-GUT and accessories collection set

Complete solution for the collection of gut microbiome samples at home. All-in-one kit for collection and accessories including a 2-way shipping box for shipping to participants and returning the sample to the lab.

Combined with the toilet accessory and 2-way shipping box, the OMNIgene-GUT provides donors with an easy-to-use solution for collecting and stabilizing DNA from stool samples at home while simplifying shipping and handling logistics.

OM 200 100 kit

Removal accessories for use with OMNIgene ORAL, Oragene and ORAcollect

RC-2 offers replacement caps (1000 per bag) for the OMNIgene-ORAL saliva, ORAcollect and Oragene product lines.

DNA Genotek Accessories RC-2

Accessories for sample shipment .

Send samples safely and easily by mail – with accessories from DNA Genotek.

DNA Genotek’s sample collection kits stabilize nucleic acids at ambient temperature. This simplifies sample logistics and saves costs in shipping and storage, as no cold chain is required. To further simplify the shipping process, DNA Genotek has developed a transport packaging solution that complies with International Air Transport Association (IATA) guidelines while protecting the sample container during transit to and from the donor. The product complies with IATA regulations specifically for patient specimens with low infectivity potential. Basically, these IATA regulations cover air as well as land and water freight routes. To be on the safe side, we recommend that our customers check with their shipping or postal service provider.

Accessories for mailing human specimens

The Oragene and ORAcollect kits are ideal for collecting samples from donors at home and are easily transported by mail.

MO-A is a complete shipping solution that includes all materials required to ship and return samples by mail.

The Oragene product line is ideal for collection from donors by mail.

Envelopes and labels - MO-A

PERFORMAgene kits are ideal for collecting samples from animals at home and are easily transported by mail.

MO-B is a complete shipping solution that includes all materials needed to ship and return samples by mail.

Envelopes and labels - MO-B

Liquid-tight transport biospecimen bag with absorbent material (specifically for the Oragene OG-500 and -600 and OMNIgene ORAL (saliva) product families).

Liquid tight biospecimen bag - MO-4

Liquid-tight transport biospecimen bag with absorbent material. Designed for use with Oragene and OMNIgene ORAL (saliva) collection kits to ensure specimens are returned correctly without the funnel attached to the tube.

Liquid tight biospecimen bag - MO-5

Additional reagents .

To maximize DNA quality and yield from the sample.

Maximization of DNA recovery

prepIT.L2P ensures maximum recovery of high quality DNA from Oragene and ORAcollect saliva samples.

  • Optimized chemistry for maximum recovery of DNA from oral samples collected with the Oragene and ORAcollect product lines
  • Proven to produce consistent results with high molecular weight, high quality DNA
  • Scalable cleaning method for large or small sample volumes – 0.5 mL up to 4 mL
  • Higher DNA recovery than column- or magnetic bead-based methods.
  • DNA suitable for biobanking and a wide range of downstream applications such as PCR, microarray and sequencing.
  • Convenient workflow from collection to extraction
  • Cost-effective method with minimal equipment demand

High throughput DNA isolation

prepIT.Q2A provides a rapid and scalable DNA isolation method compatible with ORAgene and ORAcollect saliva sample automation.

  • Optimized chemistry for liquid-based removal of chemical inhibitors from Oragene and ORAcollect saliva samples.
  • Enables a direct-to-assay workflow – to scale saliva sample processing
  • DNA suitable for PCR, microarrays and sequencing
  • Compatible with automated liquid handlers to optimize lab efficiency

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Stabilization of high molecular weight DNA in buffy coat samples at room temperature.

HEMAgene® BUFFY COAT is a DNA stabilization reagent designed for room temperature transport and room temperature archiving while allowing flexible sample management workflows. Maximize the utility of fresh and archived buffy coat samples for subsequent DNA applications.

  • DNA from Buffy-Coat is stable for long-term storage at room temperature
  • Simplification of shipping logistics and cost reduction by eliminating the cold chain
  • Eliminates the risk of sample loss and degradation and reduces the carbon footprint.
  • Optimized for use with standard blood extraction solutions
  • Enables flexible aliquoting schemes
  • Scalable solution for automated processing
  • DNA suitable for any downstream application

Downloads .

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