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MagSi-STA - Bead meets Streptavidin .

Magnetic particles are ideal as a solid support phase for immunoassays. They enable simplified workflows and automated processes.

Our superparamagnetic MagSi-STA silica beads are coated with a modified streptavidin. This makes them ideal for purification or capture of biotinylated molecules.

Hard Facts .

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Applications .

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MagSi-STA beads are perfect for capturing biotinylated molecules. Molecules bound to the beads can be removed or purified from the sample using simple protocols.

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The MagSi-STA beads are ideally suited as solid support phase of immunoassays. In “sandwich assays”, e.g. antigens or biotinylated antibodies can be detected very specifically.

Immunoassay principle

Schmalenberg, M., Beaudoin, C., Bulst, L., Steubl, D., & Luppa, P. B. (2015). Magnetic bead fluorescent immunoassay for the rapid detection of the novel inflammation marker YKL40 at the point-of-care. Journal of Immunological Methods, 427, 36-41.

When gene expression profiling using RNA-Seq, interfering rRNA must be removed. For this “depletion”, one uses sequence-specific biotinylated oligonucleotides that bind to strepdavidin beads such as MagSi-STA 600 BI. These can then be easily removed from the reaction mixture by magnet.

Antigens can also be elegantly and very specifically captured with biotinylated antibodies. The resulting antigen-antibody complexes bind to streptavidin-coupled beads and can then be easily and rapidly purified or concentrated.

The fishing of specific cells for further cell line analysis is greatly simplified by Magnetic Beads. This involves mixing cells with cell line-specific biotinylated antibodies and then fishing them with streptavidin-coupled MagSi-STA.

Wirth, F., Huck, K., Lubosch, A., Zoeller, C., Ghura, H., Porubsky, S., & Nakchbandi, I. A. (2021). Cdc42 in osterix-expressing cells alters osteoblast behavior and myeloid lineage commitment. Bone, 153, 116150.

Details .

Magnetic beads as solid phase in immunoassays .

Sandwich assay for the detection of antigens:

  • Biotinylated antibody binds to bead (solid phase)
  • Target protein / antigen binds to antibody and is thus fished out of solution
  • Secondary antibody with reporter (HRP) binds to target/antigen. This complex is detected via the reporter’s chemiluminescent signal.
Immunoassay principle 1

MagSi-STA Beads .

Available in 600 nm, 1.0 µm and 3.0 µm sizes with carboxyl or tosyl surface.

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