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Vaginal microbiome .

The OMNIgene® Vaginal Kit OMR-130 allows self-collection and stabilization of nucleic acids for quantitative profile analysis of the vaginal microbiome. No cold chain required!The optimized collection solution provides homogenization and stabilization at room temperature at the point of collection for a true snapshot of the microbiota

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Applications .

The optimal stabilization of the microbiome after sampling ensures that the analyzed microbiome profile adequately represents the in vivo profile of the sampling site.

Alonzo Martínez, M. C., Cazorla, E., Cánovas, E., Martínez-Blanch, J. F., Chenoll, E., Climent, E., & Navarro-López, V. (2021). Study of the Vaginal Microbiota in Healthy Women of Reproductive Age. Microorganisms, 9(5), 1069.

An altered or compromised vaginal microbiome, which includes specific bacteria in the endometrium or vagina, have been associated with implantation failure.

Ichiyama, T., Kuroda, K., Nagai, Y., Urushiyama, D., Ohno, M., Yamaguchi, T., Nagayoshi, M., Sakuraba, Y., Yamasaki, F., Hata, K., Miyamoto, S., Itakura, A., Takeda, S., & Tanaka, A. (2021). Analysis of vaginal and endometrial microbiota communities in infertile women with a history of repeated implantation failure. Reproductive Medicine and Biology, 20(3), 334-344.

OMNIgene Vaginal - OMR-130 .

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