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Reverse transcription and qPCR with probes .

Our primaQUANT 1STEP Master Mix is perfect for probe-based RT-qPCR assays such as Taqman®, Beacons and MGBs. All enzymes for both reverse transcription and qPCR are included in the Master Mix, including dNTPs and MgCl₂.

You save yourself a separate cDNA synthesis and only need to add primers, probes and template RNA. The optimized buffer system guarantees fast kinetics and targeted amplification even with difficult templates.

Hard Facts .

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Applications .

The primaQUANT 1 STEP RT-qPCR Master Mix is ideally suited for the gene expression analysis. The perfectly matched combination of reverse transcriptase and qPCR in this Master Mix allows you to quickly determine gene expression without separate cDNA synthesis.

The diagnosis of pathogenic RNA viruses by qPCR requires the transcription of pathogen RNA into cDNA. With the primaQUANT 1Step RT-qPCR Master Mix, you complete cDNA synthesis and qPCR analysis in one step. This makes high-throughput analysis and automation easy.

Features .

For all qPCR cyclers .

Our qPCR 2x Master Mixes are suitable for all common qPCR cyclers and optionally available with ROX.

We have compiled a table for you showing whether your device uses ROX(6-carboxy- X-rhodamine) for normalization and which concentration, if any, is required.

ROX (6-carboxy-X-rhodamine) is a dye used as a passive normalization signal in qPCR.

2x 1STEP RT-qPCR Master Mix for probes .

Available with ROX or without ROX – suitable for all qPCR instruments.

Downloads .

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