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cDNA synthesis .

Our primaREVERSE BASIC Reverse Transcription Kit contains everything you need for cDNA synthesis from purified total RNA.

The proprietary reverse transcriptase with reduced RNase-H activity and increased thermostability guarantees high specificity and yield of cDNA synthesis. The included Oligo(dT) and Random Hexamer primers allow you to very easily optimize the protocol according to your needs.

Hard Facts .

SL-9540 - primaREVERSE RT-Kit Inhalt

Applications .

Fast and easy cDNA synthesis with only one kit. The primaREVERSE RT kit offers high sensitivity and specificity. In addition, it is very flexible and provides high yields with oligo(dT), random hexamers or gene-specific primers.

Gene expression levels in tissues or different cell types can be determined by detecting specific mRNA. For this purpose, the total RNA is first transcribed into cDNA. In the subsequent qPCR with gene-specific primers the respective expression level is determined.

In RNA virus diagnostics a cDNA library is created prior to sequencing. In addition to pathogen detection itself, it can also be used to generate mutation profiles of pathogens.

As part of an RNA-seq workflow, mRNA enrichment can be performed using reverse transcription in conjunction with oligo(dT) primers. This allows both mRNA selection and RT to be performed in one step, which is particularly useful for small amounts of RNA. It should be noted that a 3′ bias may occur during subsequent sequencing. The result would be an increased number of reads for the 3′ end of the RNAs.

The features .

Simple workflow for maximum cDNA yield .

With the primaREVERSE RT kit, you can transcribe RNA into cDNA in less than 15 minutes.

You do not need to pipette on ice, as the product includes an RNase inhibitor that prevents degradation of total RNA.

primaREVERSE RT Kit Workflow Standard
Mit dem Standard Workflow des primaREVERSE RT-Kits können sie RNA in cDNA in weniger als 15 Minuten umschreiben. Einfach alle Zutaten zusammen geben, für 10 Minuten bei 50 °C die cDNA Synthese durchführen und die Reaktion für 2 Minuten inaktivieren. Danach können Sie die erzeugte cDNA in allen Downstream-Anwendungen wie z.B. qPCR oder NGS benutzen.

Reverse Transcription Kit .

Downloads .

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