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High-end filter tips .

Our “Neptune” filter tips guarantee highest pipetting accuracy and minimize sample loss.

They are made of special S3 polymer, which ensures residue-free tip leakage, even with many problematic liquids.

This “low retention” effect is achieved without additives or subsequent chemical treatment.

Our “Neptune” filter tips fit perfectly on all common pipettes. They come in compact and sturdy racks with convenient hinged lid.

Steinbrenner Laborsysteme GmbH is the official German distributor of Neptune Scientific (San Diego, USA).

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Our filter tips at a glance .

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Unique low retention material .

Neptune pipette tips use the latest low retention technology.

The unique S3 polymer used allows virtually any liquid to roll off, so that the aspirated volume is also completely released again. This guarantees the best possible pipetting results.

Since it is not a surface coating, there is also no risk of contamination of the sample.

Neptune S3 Low Retention

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