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Sampling for skin microbiome .

OMNIgene® SKIN is specifically designed for the collection of skin samples for microbiome analysis. The kit is suitable for skin samples from dry, moist and sebaceous areas. The efficient preservation solution efficiently stabilizes microbial DNA, preventing distortion of the microbial profile due to microbial growth or DNA degradation. The easy handling is optimal for self-sampling by patients.

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The Swab-based OMNIgene®-SKIN (OMR-140) kit provides a perfect snapshot of the human skin microbiome. The collection of high-quality microbial DNA is also successful from skin areas of different textures.

Bouevitch, A., Macklaim, J., & Le François, B. (2020). OMNIgene®-SKIN (OMR-140): an optimized collection device for the capture and stabilization of the human skin microbiome. DNA Genotek

OMNIgene SKIN - OMR-140 .

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