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LIQ 96 20


Manual pipetting in perfection.

With its 96 pipetting channels, the purely manual LIQUIDATOR96® is predestined for pipetting 96-well or 384-well plates. With its incredible precision, great flexibility and very simple and intuitive operation, it is already delighting thousands of laboratory staff all over the world.
In Germany Steinbrenner Laborsysteme GmbH is the sole supplier of the instrument, in all other countries the distribution is done by our licensee METTLER TOLEDO.

Wide range of applications .

laboricon pcr

PCR and qPCR

laboricon elisa

ELISA / Enzymatic Assays

laboricon proteinkristallation

Protein Crystallization

laboricon luminex assays

Luminex Assays

laboricon wirkstoff screenings

Active substance screenings

laboricon sequenzierung 1


laboricon zellkultur 1

Cell culture

laboricon sirna screening

siRNA Screenings

laboricon facs

FACS / Microscopy

laboricon genotypisierung


laboricon dna rna aufreinigung

DNA/RNA purification

laboricon yeast 2 hybrid

Yeast 2 Hybrid

Applications .

  • Protein crystallization: transfer of crystallization buffer – typically 70-80 µl – from deep-well plate into special protein crystallization plates.
  • ELISA or other time-critical assays: pipette samples into a 96-well plate – add substrate, conjugate and stop solutions simultaneously to all 96 wells.
  • PCR/qPCR/RT-qPCR: Pipetting of nucleic acid template into 96-/384-well PCR plate; addition of PCR/qPCR Master Mix.
  • si-RNA-/cDNA- Library Screening: Aliquoting and dilutions of siRNA and cDNA libraries, preparation of DNA/siRNA transfection mixes, addition of staining solution.
  • FACS assays: various washing steps with cells in 96-well plates.
  • Fast preparation of source plates, e.g. deep wells for the start of an automation process on robots or for general acceleration of the robotic process.
  • High Content Screening (HCS) e.g. with yeast cells: Preparation of 96-well daughter plates, addition of medium, removal of supernatant, washing of cells from supernatant, transfer of e.g. 50 µl cell suspension into a special 384-well microscope plate in only 4 steps.
  • Corona detection: transfer of a few microliters of extracted viral RNA from a 96-well plate into a 384-well PCR plate for analysis by RT-qPCR.
  • NGS sequencing of gut microbiome samples: DNA extraction using magnetic beads, many 96-fold pipetting steps (additions of binding and elution buffer, several washing steps), transfer of DNA/RNA into the NGS process.
  • Sequencing/genotyping: pipetting and washing steps in the context of DNA extraction from e.g. mouse tails or ear punches in 96 format using filter plates or magnetic bead kits.
  • Antibiotic screening: production of 96-well antibiotic daughter plates.
  • Pipetting of cell suspensions, compounds, removal of supernatants, preparation of dilutions in the context of drug screening with a wide variety of cell assays such as cell binding studies, cell proliferation assays or cytotoxicity assays.
  • Cell culture: seeding of cells, medium change, removal of supernatants.
  • Antibiotic screening: settling a 1 µl drop into a daughter plate, adding bacterial solutions.
  • Settling of small drops on a surface (e.g. glass, chip).

Features .

System comparison .

The LIQUIDATOR96® closes the gap between manual and automated liquid handling. It is also an ideal addition to an existing automation system, as it perfectly combines the strengths of multichannel pipettes and pipetting robots.

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Everything for your LIQUIDATOR96® .

Here you will find tips and useful accessories for your LIQUIDATOR96®.

Produktbilder Produktueberseite Liq96 Adapter

Comfort adapter 384 Well

The perfect solution to process 384 well plates with the Liquidator96.

Produktbilder Produktueberseite Sonderanfertigung

Special designs and adapters

Customized adapters, cooling blocks or brackets on request

Produktbilder Produktueberseite LiquidatorTips

Tips for LIQUIDATOR96®

Here you can find tips without filters in various sizes and designs.

Produktbilder Produktueberseite LiquidatorTips

Filter tips for LIQUIDATOR96®

Here you can find tips with filter in different sizes and designs

LV 01H


Suitable reservoirs for pipetting reagents with the Liquidator96.

978 2200SU

Deep-Well plates

Suitable deep-well plates for pipetting reagents.

Downloads .

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