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Magnetic Beads

One principle for many applications.

Magnetic beads are true all-rounders in everyday biological and medical laboratory work.
By functionalizing the surface, they can be specifically optimized for the desired application. This property makes them versatile, for example for purification of biomolecules such as nucleic acids, proteins, coupling of antibodies, isolation of cells or size selection in NGS.

We offer Magnetic Beads and extraction kits from our partner Magtivio BV.

Wide range of applications .

laboricon dna rna aufreinigung

DNA & RNA Purification

laboricon proteinaufreinigung

Protein purification

laboricon lc ms

LC-MS/MS Sample preparation

laboricon pcr aufreinigung

PCR purification

laboricon automatisierbar

High throughput

laboricon streptavidin

Streptavidin-based purification

laboricon funktionelle oberflaechen

Functional surface

laboricon easy to use

Easy-to-use, low cost

Uncomplicated .

Overview Magnetic Beads .

  • NGS and PCR purification
  • Dye Terminator Removal at Sanger Sequencing
  • Extraction / purification of genomic DNA from various sample materials
  • Extraction / purification of RNA from various sample materials
  • Purification of circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA)
  • Purification of peptides and proteins
  • Sample preparation of LC/MS applications
  • Coupling peptides
  • Coupling proteins
  • Coupling of nucleic acids
  • Coupling antibodies
  • Coupling of biomolecules

Application examples for Magnetic Beads .

laboricon dna rna aufreinigung negativ

DNA isolation

from saliva, sputum, blood samples as well as plant material

Icon Produktuebersicht Virus Aufreinigung 1

Pathogen detection

Purification of DNA/RNA for in vitro diagnosis of pathogens

Icon Produktuebersicht Genotypisierung

cfDNA isolation

Isolation of circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) from plasma or serum.

Icon Produktuebersicht Proteinaufreinigung

Protein isolation

Purification of peptides and proteins

Icon Produktuebersicht Funktionelle Oberflaechen

Functional beads

Silica beads with differently functionalized surface

Icon Produktuebersicht Streptavidin

Streptavidin-coupled beads

Purification of biotinylated molecules.

Icon Produktuebersicht MALDI

LC/MS applications

Sample preparation for LC/MS by negative selection

laboricon magnetic beads negativ


Magnet racks and magnetic disks

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