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Best Practices in qPCR

qPCR Seminar .

Quantitative PCR is an indispensable method for many molecular biological and, above all, diagnostic questions.

In this seminar we share our expertise as a manufacturer of polymerases and mastermixes for PCR and qPCR with the participants. The focus is on the pitfalls and sources of error of this widely used method.

The seminar can be held in German or English.

Understanding qPCR

Contents .

The seminar is oriented towards the level of knowledge of the participants in terms of content and depth of presentation. The following topics will be dealt with, whereby suggestions or specific user problems of the visitors will be gladly taken up:

Basics of qPCR
Assay design
Basics of data evaluation
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When do the seminars take place?

Dates .

Past dates

18.04.2023 – Non-public date

05.07.2023 – Mainz University Medical Center

09.08.2023 – ZMMK of the University of Cologne

10.08.2023 – Life Science Center Düsseldorf

10.08.2023 – Life Science Center in Düsseldorf

16.11.2023 – Online seminar, Klinkner & PArtner

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