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Sampling systems

Sample collection systems for every application
DNA - RNA - Microbiome - Metabolome.

The quality of the sample is decisive for the reliability and significance of analyses and assays. The sampling systems of our Canadian partner DNA Genotek guarantee high sample quality and preserve the samples so perfectly that they do not change until analysis. All DNA Genotek products are highly validated and well-established, and are the first choice for sample collection for researchers and clinicians around the world. Steinbrenner Laborsysteme GmbH is the official and exclusive distributor of DNA Genotek products in Germany and Austria. We advise you competently and deliver the most common products directly from our warehouse.

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laboricon mikrobiom­analysen

Microbiome analyses

laboricon infektionskrankheiten


laboricon metabolomics


laboricon klinische diagnostik

Clinical diagnostics

laboricon biobanking


laboricon hla typisierung

HLA typing

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Features .

Collection kits for humans and animals .

DNA Genotek’s sampling systems have a proven track record in many fields. They are ideal for obtaining DNA and RNA for epidemiological studies, genomics, diagnostics, animal breeding, as well as in personal genomics.

Our product specialists will be happy to help you find the right DNA Genotek product for your application.

Please note that some of the older 500 series ORAgene DNA products have been replaced by the new 600 series; e.g. OG-500 by OG-600. No changes have been made to the proven chemistry, it is just a design update of the tube.

Sampling systems for various applications .

Several product lines are available for selection. Our specialists will be happy to advise you to find the most suitable product for your requirements.

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DNA from saliva

ORAgene DNA kits for non-invasive sample collection.

OMNIGene ORAL Logo white

Microbiome from saliva, tongue and dental plaque

System for self-collection and stabilization of saliva for microbiome analysis.

OMNIgene GUT Logo white

Gut microbiome

Simple all-in-one system for collecting stool samples for microbiome analysis.

OMNIgene SKIN Logo white

Skin microbiome

All-in-one system for sample collection from dry, moist and sebaceous skin samples.

ORAcollect RNA Logo white

Infectious diseases

Sampling systems for self-collection of saliva and urine samples for nucleic acid analysis.

OMNIMET GUT Logo white


Easy collection and stabilization of stool samples for metabolome profiling.

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Animal Microbiome & Animal Genetics

Painless, non-invasive sample collection from animals for microbiome and genetics studies.

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Additional useful asseccoires.

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