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Functionalized beads .

The MagSi-Tools product line provides surface-activated magnetic beads. Different surface modifications and bead sizes are available for applications such as immobilization of proteins, purification of nucleic acids or coupling of a wide variety of molecules.

Hard Facts .

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Applications .

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MagSi-S COOH beads with carboxyl surface are suitable for the preconcentration of metals in liquid samples. For analysis, the metals can be detached from the beads again by electrophoretic buffers.

Carpio, A., Mercader-Trejo, F., Arce, L., & Valcárcel, M. (2012). Use of carboxylic group functionalized magnetic nanoparticles for the preconcentration of metals in juice samples prior to the determination by capillary electrophoresis: CE and CEC. ELECTROPHORESIS, 33(15), 2446-2453.

Lectins can be covalently coupled to MagSi-S Tosyl 1.0 beads to purify glycoproteins.

Engel, N. Y., Weiss, V. U., Wenz, C., Glück, S., Rüfer, A., Kratzmeier, M., Marchetti-Deschmann, M., & Allmaier, G. (2017). Microchip capillary gel electrophoresis combined with lectin affinity enrichment employing magnetic beads for glycoprotein analysis. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 409(28), 6625-6634.

Enzymes can also be immobilized on magnetic beads, e.g. for studies of kinetics or function experiments.

Huang, S., Celá, A., Adams, E., Glatz, Z., & Van Schepdael, A. (2020). Aldehyde oxidase assay by capillary electrophoresis: From off-line, online up to immobilized enzyme reactor. Journal of Separation Science, 43(17), 3565-3572.

Oligonucleotides can be covalently bound to the beads (e.g. MagSi-S NH2, MagSi-S CHO) for capture assays or specific enrichment of targets.

Magnetic beads are also perfect for diagnostic purposes. They are often used for the detection of viruses, specific proteins, or cells.

Details of the MagSi-S Tools Beads .

Overview of functional surfaces .

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