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Microbial DNA from stool samples .

The MagSi-DNA Stool Kit is designed for manual and automated isolation of microbiome DNA (mixture of bacterial/microbial and host DNA) from fresh, frozen or stabilized human stool samples.

The processing time for the preparation of 96 samples is approximately 60 minutes, including incubation for heat lysis. The DNA obtained can be used directly for downstream applications such as PCR or NGS.

MagSi-DNA Stool is optimized for the isolation of total DNA from human stool samples. MagSi-ST10 magnetic beads are easy to handle and are supplied in a storage buffer that optimizes resuspension and minimizes sedimentation. Depending on the sample material, RNA can also be purified.

Hard Facts .

Stool DNA 1949706406

Packages .

For efficient lysis of bacteria that are difficult to lyse (e.g., Gram-positive bacteria), mechanical disruption with GP Lysis Tubes is recommended. If the target microorganism requires more homogenization than vortexing, or if the use of a bead beater is desired, a high performance bead beating system can be used, e.g., with the Geno/Grinder® (SPEX Sample Prep).

We offer the MagSi-DNA Stool Kit in different packages:

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