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Special designs and customized solutions

We will go the extra mile for you..

You need a special laboratory product or support in realizing an ingenious product idea? Custom designs are our specialty. For more than 25 years, we have been drilling and milling custom made parts,be it a unique piece, a small series or even large series by injection molding.

As of recently, we can also offer you an excellent molecular biology and protein chemistry service . Our subsidiary Q-bios has great expertise in the development of reagents for PCR and qPCR, as well as design and production of proteins. Our production facility in Germany guarantee highest product quality and delivery reliability and are your perfect partner for special reagent formulation, custom filling, assay and kit development or protein production.

Our services .

laboricon individuelle produktplanung

Individual product planning

We develop and deliver the right solution for your specific application problem.

laboricon massanfertigung


Drilling. Milling. Rotate. Adapters, cooling blocks etc. according to your specifications.

laboricon oem


Packaging of reagents or serial parts with your logo.

laboricon made in germany

Made in Germany

Guaranteed quality through production and competent suppliers in Germany.

Features .

For all qPCR cyclers .

Our qPCR 2x Master Mixes are suitable for all common qPCR cyclers and optionally available with ROX.

We have compiled a table for you showing whether your device uses ROX(6-carboxy- X-rhodamine) for normalization and which concentration, if any, is required.

ROX (6-carboxy-X-rhodamine) is a dye used as a passive normalization signal in qPCR.

Our qPCR product groups .

Depending on your requirements, we have the right product for you – just ask us.

Logo primaREVERSE RTKIT neg

Reverse transcription

Our reagents for cDNA synthesis / reverse transcription.

Logo primaQUANT CYBR neg

qPCR (SYBRGreen)

Our master mixes for quantitative (real-time) PCR with SYBRGreen.

Logo primaQUANT 1STEP neg

One-Step RT-qPCR

Our best master mixes for 1-step RT-qPCR without separate mRNA rewriting.

Logo primaQUANT Probe neg

qPCR (sample)

Our master mixes for quantitative (real-time) PCR with probes, e.g. Taqman®.

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