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qPCR with probes .

Our primaQUANT PROBE qPCR Master Mixes are extremely fast and deliver reproducible results even under difficult conditions.

The primaQUANT PROBE Master Mixes can be pipetted without refrigeration and are dyed blue as standard for perfect visual control during pipetting.

The primaQUANT Probe Master Mixes can be used with all common probe systems and are also ideally suited for multiplex assays.

Hard Facts .


Applications .

Our primaQUANT Probe qPCR Master Mixes are suitable for all common types of probe assays:

  • Primer probes
  • Hydrolysis probes (TaqMan, MGB-TaqMan, Snake Assay)
  • Hybridization probes (Hybprobe or FRET, Molecular Beacons, HyBeacon, MGB-Pleiades, MGB-Eclipse, ResonSense, Yin-Yang or displacing);
  • Nucleotide analogs (PNA, LNA, ZNA, non-natural bases: Plexor primer, Tiny-Molecular Beacon).

More information can be found in the following review:

Navarro, E., Serrano-Heras, G., Castaño, M. J., & Solera, J. (2015). Real-time PCR detection chemistry. Clinica Chimica Acta, 439, 231-250.

The primaQUANT Probe qPCR Master Mix is perfect for genotyping using probes. Multiplexing allows several markers to be detected in parallel.

Matsuda, K. (2017). PCR-Based Detection Methods for Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism or Mutation: Real-Time PCR and Its Substantial Contribution Toward Technological Refinement. Advances in Clinical Chemistry, 80, 45-72.

To determine the expression of a gene (gene or RNA expression), the total RNA must first be transcribed into cDNA.

If you want to perform cDNA synthesis in a separate step, our primaREVERSE RT kit first choice.

Alternatively, you can also transfer the RNA directly into our primaQUANT 1STEP RT-qPCR Kit.

Multiplex qPCR assays use multiple target-specific probes in parallel, each labeled with a different fluorescent dye. In this way, the expression values of several targets or genes can be determined in parallel in a time-saving manner. This elegant method is widely used, especially in diagnostics.

Hawkins, S. F. C., & Guest, P. C. (2017). Multiplex Analyses Using Real-Time Quantitative PCR. In P. C. Guest (Ed.), Multiplex biomarker techniques: methods and applications (pp. 125-133). Springer.

Quantitative PCR is also frequently used for the diagnosis of pathogens.

DNA pathogens (DNA viruses, bacteria, fungi) can thus be analyzed directly. For RNA viruses, e.g. SARS-COV2, a transcription of RNA into cDNA is necessary. Our primaREVERSE RT cDNA Synthesis Kit is ideally suited for this purpose. You can also use our primaQUANT 1-STEP Master Mix, which does cDNA synthesis and qPCR in one step.

Because of their high purity, our primaQUANT Master Mixes are ideal for detecting or ruling out contamination of a product with nucleic acids or nucleases.

Features .

For all qPCR cyclers .

Our qPCR 2x Master Mixes are suitable for all common qPCR cyclers and optionally available with ROX.

We have compiled a table for you showing whether your device uses ROX(6-carboxy- X-rhodamine) for normalization and which concentration, if any, is required.

ROX (6-carboxy-X-rhodamine) is a dye used as a passive normalization signal in qPCR.

Downloads .

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